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Flash game - training future gunners.
Mortars maximum powder charge and has the same mass with every shot. Kernel weight can vary and depend on the current value of the dollar against the euro divided by the Yuan.
Flight speed is directly proportional to the core, the mass of a powder charge and inversely proportional to the weight of the core.
V ~ Mz / Mia
Firing range in the horizontal plane depending on the flight velocity and angle of the core barrel to the horizon mortar.
L ~ V x Sin (a)
Shooting "direct fire" is not possible because of the treacherous enemy lurking behind the hill. Under ideal conditions, the kernel is flying on a parabolic trajectory and thus skirts the hill, arriving right in the turret.

The game is designed specifically for those who wish to learn the skills of marksmanship Artillery guns authors of the site www.s3dk.com

You gunner. At your disposal a great mortar "Martyr-san," and only one core. Because of the hill to your homeland threatens to tank the most likely opponent. Mega superior commander entrusted to you, one shot to break the evil plans of the enemies of your vast country and destroy the enemy.
Goal of the game
Calculate the angle of the barrel mortars, knowing the mass of the nucleus and the data from the exploration of the distance to the lurking enemy. Produce accurate shot, hit the target and save the country from the adversary.
Management: The angle of the barrel mortars changed left and right arrow, the core mass is indicated on the label near the nucleus, the angle of the trunk can be viewed on the display, which is located on the body of mortars, the range of the target location, according to intelligence reports, written on a label attached to the border post on the turn of our Motherland. Shot made ​​by one of the arrows up or down.

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