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Escape from a dinosaur. Game two buttons for the phone..


Flash game "Escape from a dinosaur", Game with two buttons for the phone.
The game about ancient dinosaur hunters of the Stone Age. It was difficult to man millions of years ago. He was running from dinosaurs, he did not go to kindergarten. The school was engaged in the jungle running, jumping over rocks. Well, the night he climbed into the cave to the bears. Help the prehistoric hunter to escape from a ferocious dinosaur and a tyrannosaur to avoid invitations to dinner as a meal. This difficult race of monsters will be better if you win quickly quickly press the arrows on the keyboard, or if you're playing on the phone, smartphone or other device supports touch screen, the orange circles (buttons) in the lower corners of the screen. By the end of the game, it is fun to write his name proud, not tablets of the game about the prehistoric world, in order to remember who's won.
Two very brave hunter of the Stone Age are fleeing from a ferocious dinosaur. So the decision, they are the face of danger - terrible terrible monster mouth, have a running competition.
The game will start once the switch is at least one of accelerating keys. The game is over when both hunters dobegut to a safe place or eat a terrible monster.

Goal: When you eat - you lose.
Rules: Use mouse or a finger. If you're sick of the hunter with the upper marsh, help him on the keyboard arrows to the right, to the left.
If you prefer a hunter low marshes, accelerate the buttons with the letters Z and C..

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Flash game about ancient dinosaur hunters of the Stone Age.